La Garniture Microgreen CSA Launch

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It's finally here! Today we will begin our first round of deliveries for our microgreen CSA, La Garniture. For those who have already signed up, we can't thank you enough for your support and we have some really special things planned for each share.

Our next round of sign ups will be happening soon in case you missed it this time around!

Our journey to an urban farm begins with Microgreens.  There are many benefits to working with plants in their seedling stage, one of the most important being able to practice working within a specific environment with a quick crop turnaround time.  Healthy seedlings are the foundation to healthy plants.  As we prepare for our full growing season on our lot, it has been invaluable to have this time to learn how to establish efficient business operations and cultivate relationships within our community.

Why CSA?

CSA's are a longstanding practice in the farming community, and one of the best ways to directly access fresh food and support local business simultaneously. When you join a CSA, your upfront investment in the crop guarantees you shares of the farm’s harvest delivered to their residence every week. 

This partnership benefits both the farmer and the consumer by providing the farmer with funds prior to the growing season and by guaranteeing the consumer the freshest local produce. We hope to continue the tradition of connecting farmers, consumers, and our food system by creating community, encouraging transparency, and delivering a rewarding experience for everyone through our La Garniture microgreen CSA. 


Why Microgreens?

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While traditional CSA models rely on the seasons, microgreens can be harvested reliably sustainably year round with less risks than outdoor crops while offering plenty of rewards.

The small seeds require little light or space to flourish making them a wonderful crop for urban homes with limited space. One of the benefits of joining a microgreen CSA is having continuous access to fresh and local produce, giving farmer and consumer more flexibility. 

As a reliable and accessible "farm to table" urban crop, microgreens are an easy and fun way to add vibrant, nutrient dense greens to every dish. Seedlings are known for packing all the vitamins and flavor punch of their full grown counterparts in a quarter of the space. Some varieties can contain four to six times more nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene than the mature counterpart. With unique flavor and culinary uses, microgreens are versatile and can add an infusion of color and produce to every meal, from eggs to salads or tacos.

Your Share

Each La Garniture membership includes an 8 week long share of microgreen varieties. Some of the micros we've been growing include lemon and purple basil, pea, sunflower, and chickpea shoots, alfalfa, radish, amaranth, our signature blends, and more. We are always experimenting with new seeds and blends!

Our shares will be available in three sizes to accommodate different households and diets. Common reasons for not joining a CSA include inconsistent product and surplus produce. With our model we hope to guarantee quality with our stable and organic indoor soil growing method while combating waste by offering size options to fit any lifestyle.



Single shares are $48 and include two 7x5 in. trays delivered biweekly; small shares are $75 and include two 7x5 in. trays delivered weekly; lastly, large shares are $150 and include four 7x5 in. trays delivered weekly. Each week's share will include some extra goodies such as recipes, facts, and information about our or other local farming ventures!

Currently we will be making local deliveries to East Orange, West Orange, Orange, South Orange, Newark, Montclair, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, Clifton, Belleville, Nutley, Verona, Livingston, Caldwell, Roselle Park, Jersey City, Cranford, Elizabeth, Roselle, Short Hills, and Maplewood. This guarantees our greens stay fresh and we stay committed to serving our immediate community. 

If you are an East Orange resident, signing up for your membership ensures 10% off all products. Coeur et Sol microgreens are grown organically and sustainably at our urban homestead in East Orange, NJ.

Your continued support has been invaluable for growing in our first year and we can't wait to bring our microgreens from our home to yours!

With Love + Growth,
The Coeur et Sol Team

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