The Book that Made Me Believe I Could Farm

This book is where I found the productive direction of my dream.  I bought this book right before a work trip to Paris and started reading it on my train commute to work daily.  By the time I went on my trip, I was fully immersed and involved in this piece of literature.  I used to read so often when I was younger and was so excited to feel passionate about a book again.

On my flight to Paris, which was 6.5 hours long, I sat next to an older gentleman.  He was so curious about my book as I sat and read fervently that he asked me about it.  At first, I felt as though he was likely being condescending.  Then I willed myself to have goodwill for him and indulge in his questions.  As it turned out, this man was once a jewelry designer and had some entrpreneurial words of wisdom to share with me.  When I started piping on about my dream he smiled and nodded.  

Do what you love to do, be unique, and do it well.
— stranger on the plane

Fast forward to the flight home, reading this book still, and the woman next to me just cannot help herself.  She leans over and asks me what my book is about.  I indulge in a moment of bliss as I get to talk about my dream, yet again.

This book, The Market Gardener by JM Fortier, has all the information you need to start a small scale farm.  Not only is it beautifully written, but there are charts and diagrams that explain everything about his operation.  This transparency is refreshing.  I have worked in an industry that is filled with trade secrets and harsh competition for my entire adult career.  Here is a person who has a successful business and farm who is not only unafraid of sharing his "trade secrets" but is actively encouraging others to do what he is doing.

— JM Fortier

Maybe that is why I am so attracted to the idea of a farm.  Maybe a huge part of it is the freedom it allows.  In a world of intense competition there is also an intense amount of unhappiness.  A life of simplicity, honesty, and endless education...well, what more could a gal ask for?


If you haven't picked up this book, I recommend it with every bone in my body.  I have now started reading Curtis Stone's The Urban Farmer.  Will do a review of that soon!