farm fresh eggs


We’re so fortunate that farmer John has the space and the hens to offer fresh farm eggs as a share option. With limited space in Essex County, sourcing organic eggs from anywhere but the grocery store is a challenge. John and his crops are an important part of Farm and Fork Society, a key Coeur et Sol partner. At his certified organic farm in Andover John is able to raise laying hens using the best practices.

free range, non-gmo

All of the hens at Circle Brook Farm are raised free range without the interference of GMO’s, hormones or antibiotics. The result? Large brown eggs with golden, protein packed yolks. The increased nutritional value and rich flavor make Circle Brook Farm eggs heartier and tastier than what you can get on grocery store shelves (with a much longer shelf life!).


Circle Brook Farm

Circle Brook Farm is a Certified Organic vegetable farm located in Andover NJ. We grow delicious and highly nutritious fruits and vegetables. Circle Brook Farm eggs are from free range hens.