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Born and raised in Kentucky, L.Be got back to her roots after a decade in NYC by conducting research and developing organic soils, amendments, and growing hardware at her family’s company, Organilock. This turned into a mission to give people access to fresh, organic food.

Having experienced both the “DIY” and “Luxury” mentalities, L.Be realized Farm-Based Foodie could be an opportunity to make quality food accessible to all lifestyles.

Grow better

Farm Based Foodie helps you take the (guess)work out of DIY gardening with a professionally planned, fully planted, “just add water” pop up gardens that arrive ready to grow at your home or business. Farm-Based Foodie Pop-Up Gardens are professionally planned and planted, above-ground mobile gardens that make having your own organic garden easier than ever.

The Pop-Up Gardens are filled with the highest quality organic soil from Organilock, which offers the brand new world-changing Nutrient Infused Soil Technology (NIST) so your garden is weed-free and environmental conscious. They are designed and planted in Organilock’s gardening hardware, helping Farm Based Foodie pop up gardens increase productivity with less work. With versatile designs and various sizes to accommodate as little as 3 sq ft their gardens are good for all levels of growing.

Eat better

Our urban farm grows unique varieties of familiar and hard-to-find veggies and herbs to spark more interest in eating plants. In the kitchen L.Be creates recipes that omnivores and herbivores alike can enjoy cooking fresh and eating plant-based food. These experiments with unique herbs, plants, and spices make up most of Farm Based Foodie’s storefront where they sell dehydrated herbal tea blends and culinary herb mixes which utilize the medicinal qualities of plants to improve wellness and to easily add flavors that make eating plants more desirable.

live better

In addition to growing unique crops and sharing curated goods with the community, L. Be offers professional guidance on how to garden, how to eat, and teaches people how to bring more attention to healthier habits. We help others create a roadmap to wellness using voice analysis and customized food, herb, and lifestyle recommendations based on your own unique voiceprint.

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Farm Based Foodie

Farm-Based Foodie is all about helping people eat more plants. The mission is 3-pronged: help people grow better food, help people eat better food, help people incorporate healthier lifestyle habits.

With pre-planted pop-up garden kits, a thriving home garden, and a knack for bringing out the best flavors for herbs, spices, and teas, Farm Based Foodie’s creative approach makes food more fun.