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Riverdel owner and shopkeeper, Michaela Grob, can relate to a craving for exceptional dairy-free cheese. Once she realized there wasn’t a single shop in New York that offered a wide range of all-vegan cheeses, she decided to launch one herself…and Riverdel sprang to life! Combining the names of her two companion animals, River, a rescue dog and Fidel, a shelter cat, seemed fitting for a store featuring 100% cruelty-free foods.

The cheese

As the only vegan cheese shop in the US that showcases carefully curated product lines from all over the country, Riverdel is the first of its kind. They stock a wide variety of gourmet vegan foods — everything from caviar and bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup to non-dairy yogurts and nut milks — and also craft their very own in-house cheeses. Favorite flavors include pepper billy, picante, truffle, and Heinrich beer cheese.

The shop

While you’re taking in all the fabulous mix of raw and aged vegan cheeses, don’t forget to check out RIverdel’s made-to-order sandwiches. Customers are encouraged to stop by and grab vegan lunch options and snacks on the go.

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Riverdel Vegan Cheese

It’s everything you love about NY cheese shops without the dairy dependency. Perfectly situated in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights, Riverdel carries the largest selection of vegan cheeses imaginable. Riverdel’s specialty foods, fresh bread, and pastries offer plenty of inspiration for putting together the perfect meal or creating an irresistible cheese plate.