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Anna Knight, grew up on a homestead in Kentucky and has years of baking experience. She started altering traditional sugar-laden dessert recipes to craft more wholesome baked goods. After relocating to Brooklyn, NY she started The Brooklyn Evergreen to bring her carefully crafted treats to the big apple.

baked goods

Their goal is to provide you with wholesome, natural and delicious baked goods using clean ingredients with every batch that goes into the ovens. You won’t find preservatives or artificial ingredients in any Brooklyn Evergreen baked goods. All baked to order right in their Brooklyn home kitchen. Who said city slickers couldn’t be homesteaders, too? Vanilla Wildflower Cupcakes with piped buttercream flowers, molasses crinkle cookies, and joyous chocolate chip cookies are a few of the melt in your mouth treats made with love by Anna.

dried goods

The Brooklyn Evergreen’s seasonal selection of dry mixes are a must for the pantry. Currently their menu features fall flavors of dried honey crisp apples and pumpkin seeds, chock full of good for your body and yummy for your tummy seeds and nuts. Their selection is full of comfort foods, from Homestead Oatmeal Pancake Mix (based on Mom’s saturday morning pancakes) to Brownie Mix (traditional or plant based).

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The Brooklyn Evergreen

It’s all about the details at The Brooklyn Evergreen. That’s because they believe what we put in our bodies matters. Whole, clean ingredients fill every batch of warm goodness that goes into the oven. You won’t find chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives in any of our handmade goods.