Toma: Jersey Girl Cheese

Toma: Jersey Girl Cheese


1/2 lb • Toma or Primo Sale is semi-hard cheese typically aged for about 2-4 weeks. It begins to develop a natural rind protecting its earthy, nutty taste inside. — Jersey Girl Cheese @ Hillcrest Farm: Orchard & Dairy in Branchville, NJ

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about the farm

“We have always had our dairy cows, but just recently set up a small-batch cheese facility. We pasteurize the milk from our herd of 60 Jersey Cows to make all types of fresh and aged Italian-style cheeses. The Jersey Cows are known for the richness of their milk which works very well for the fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese we are making. Our fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta are not what many people are used to tasting if compared to store bought cheese. We are making it the old fashioned artisan way as they do in Southern Italy. As we begin to produce more, we will build an ageing cave for our provolone style cheeses. “