Wildly: Local Bloom Bouquets

Wildly: Local Bloom Bouquets

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Fresh, local blooms in a gorgeous bouquet. These specialty cut flowers are selected and arranged by Wildly owner and designer Josi Stone and grown right here in Northern New Jersey.

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FREE DELIVERY in essex county, new jersey
10 weeks total
beginning Jan. 11, 2019 and ending May 17, 2019


Josi sources these Winter blooms from a family-run farm that has been growing unique, exceptional flowers since 1902.

Some Flowers to expect: Hellebores, Ranunculus and Poppies

Wildly is a full service floral design studio based in Maplewood, NJ. Designer and owner Josi Stone derives inspiration from the movement and beauty of the natural world. No living thing remains still and in that there is incredible beauty. At Wildly, we are passionate about supporting local farmers and enjoying nature's beauty as a celebration of the seasons. We believe we could all use a bit more of the outside world in our homes.


1/11 & 1/12

1/25 & 1/26

2/8 & 2/9

2/22 & 2/23

3/8 & 3/9

3/22 & 3/23

4/5 & 4/6

4/19 & 4/20

5/3 & 5/4

5/17 & 5/18